As a business owner, when I want something done, I want it done now and I want it done right. I don’t want to wait on hold for the next available representative. I don’t want a project manager to play telephone to talk to his boss, to talk to his boss, to talk to his supervisor, to tell me they can do the job. I want an expert to help me. Right away. Most business owners are juggling clients, products, services, day-to-day operations, and ways to increase revenue. When you have a need, you need it filled. It makes sense to go directly to the source. It’s important to have an expert work directly with you when you’re paying for a service. It’s the best way to get your problem solved, your message communicated, and all the facts into the right hands. As a business owner, the game of telephone can be really frustrating. You are depending on a translator and when you’re in a time crunch or spending lots of your hard-earned money, a translator just won’t do.

Here are my top 8 reasons to work directly with a designer:
1. From the beginning of a project til the end, you will be speaking with the designer working on your project so project specifications don’t need relayed through a game of telephone before action is taken.

2. There are no separate account managers, senior creatives or junior designers, each with differing interpretations of the design brief. All knowledge is given directly from you to the designer working on your project.

3. You are hiring the person responsible for all of their design portfolio. Great designers get great clients based on their portfolio. It’s always in the best interest of the designer to do fantastic work to add to their porfolio instead of living under a company umbrella of work.

4. All phone calls, email, and Facebook messages go directly to the designer working on the project — not a sales person or account manager.

5. With many freelancers working from home, they can often transfer considerable savings made through low overheads. Thus, passing that savings on to you.

6. Design revisions can frequently be made almost immediately after the request. There is no “procedure” via an account or project manager for revisions.

7. Billing inquiries and delivery time frames can be clarified at the same time as specific design discussions. Again, this ultimately leads to a savings in time and therefore, money.

8. The consistency of your branding will never be an issue. By working with a single designer who has deep knowledge of your brand, has designed other projects for you, and has a great working relationship with you, the overall look and feel of your brand will remain consistent. And consistency is key in establishing brand recognition and equity.

Let me help you. Directly.

Together, let’s cut the red tape and get your work done exactly the way you’d like and in the time you need. Click here to get started working directly with ME.



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