I work from home. Let me repeat that: I WORK from home. That comment is usually followed by responses like, “Wow, what a dream job!” or “Must be nice.” It is; except for when it’s not. Let me explain, I love the perks – like getting to wear my pajamas to work or going to the office without makeup. I savor the opportunities to run to the grocery kid-free while my friends are hustling to pick up a rotisserie chicken at 6pm with a starving toddler in tow. At the same time, I have pitfalls, like jumping on the computer at 8pm to finish a 15-minute task that, in reality, takes 3 hours.

Over all, working from home has been a huge blessing for our family. I’m able to attend mid-day school musicals and quietly turn off alarm clocks when we get the Snow Day text at 5:30am, not worried about where my kids will spend their day. Working from home has enabled me to finish my work day when the kids are off the bus so I can feed them a healthy snack, help with homework, and prepare dinner before our evening activities start. I’m also able to cut an hour commute time off my workday.

But like most wonderful things, there are some downfalls, too. I have to be extremely diligent with my time. If not for my iBloom Life & Business Planner, I would be lost. I’d be wasting time doing laundry, housework, and other things that are distractions while working from home. Fortunately, I allot my time similarly to how I would if I were in an office outside the home. My day begins at 8am, after getting the kids off to school and quiet time with God. From 8am until 4pm, I am working on projects, with a midday lunch break. At 4pm, I am usually able to greet my kiddos, feed them a snack, and get them started on homework.

Now, there are occasions where my work isn’t complete by 4pm or we have a work project that requires additional time. Those occasions are balanced by days when I choose to run midday errands, help at my kids’ schools, or have lunch with my husband or a friend. I value the flexibility of working from home, for precisely those reasons.

Obviously, the positives FAR outweigh the negatives to working from home, but it takes steadfast time management, family support, and diligence to maintain a healthy work/life balance. What are some ways you’re able to balance your work and personal life, whether you work from home or elsewhere? Share in the comments section below some of your favorite strategies or ways you could improve your time management skills.



I too working from home.Its very comfortable,Its suitable for all home makers,students anyone can do.blessed job.

05/22/2017 9:24pm

Working at home is very convenient. You control your time, you don't have to waste your time being stuck in traffic, and you can spend time with your family. I think it's really convenient when you can control your time when working because you can finish more task than normal. Also, you can shift from work to work when you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Anyway, thank you for sharing an inspirational blog.


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04/03/2017 11:25pm

I agree with everything that you said. Maybe for other people working from home is a dream job, but for me I think Its a no, because working at home has many unexpected things can delay your work. Your work is not the only responsibility that you have. I really love reading your article. I can relate in every story that you shared. I'm so happy that I've seen this kind of post. I will thank you for the efforts that you made in this blog.


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