My husband, Scott, is a relentless Christmas music lover. We usually start listening to Christmas music at the first sign of cold weather, although it’s not unusual for him to pop a Christmas CD in on our way to the grocery in August, either.  My kids would love it if we kept our tree up all year. They want our elf, Carol to vacation with us and sleep in their rooms so Santa can see just how delightful they are all year-round (when they’re not fighting or talking back.) I love decorating the house and reminiscing about the homemade ornaments the kids made in their preschool class or the craft we did 5-years-ago that HAS to sit on the mantle. Needless to say, Christmas is our FAVORITE!

Last year, we started our Activity Advent. It’s our countdown to Christmas day and a way to spend quality family-time together during this busy season. The kids take turns opening the little envelopes that are attached to the red and white twine hanging near their rooms. Some activities just require our PJs and a Redbox Christmas movie. Others take us outside the home to look at lights or to see a Christmas concert. And there are several that help us see how blessed our family is and to share our blessings with others. Every day, though, we’re taking time to celebrate intentionally and it ends without fighting, tears, or name-calling – my idea of perfect. Download the Activity Advent HERE and start creating more of your own Christmas memories.

The Christmas season is without a doubt, the Murray-est time of our year and hopefully, yours’ too.  So put a little Johnny Mathis Christmas music on, pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate and start building that gingerbread house. Blessings to your and your family this Christmas season! Have Yourself a Murray Little Christmas.


02/17/2016 3:00am

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11/09/2016 5:24am

The details of the activity with your family you shared that with us here that is also having the pictures as a sample and description we are really enjoy it with the reading and watching of them. Hope you enjoyed allot of them.


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