Most business owners have a list of Marketing projects they need or want. Oftentimes, those lists get tossed to the wayside so that business owners can focus on the necessary things that MUST get done in order to pay the bills. The Marketing List gets set aside because it contains items that aren’t absolutely imperative for the doors to stay open, the payroll to be made, and the electricity to stay on. But, oh, how they ultimately do affect the bottom line! Prioritizing your Marketing “Wish List” could enable you to have it all! Here’s how to prioritize your Marketing efforts in order of importance so that you can establish brand recognition, brand loyalty, and ultimately customers for life!

1. Your Logo.
Do you have a clear and distinguished brand? Your brand consists of your logo, your name, your tagline, your graphics & your colors. Do you have a logo? If not, that needs to be #1 on your Marketing Wish List! Your logo is the visual representation of who you are and what you do. It lets your customers know you’re really in business, that you’re professional, and you’re committed to serving them. A piece of clip art and your company name are not a logo. Your logo is uniquely you and is the anchor for all other branding you will do. 

2. Your Tagline.
Your tagline, slogan, strapline, whatever you want to call it. It’s important. It is the key phrase that captures your business by identifying the essence of three elements: your mission, your promise, and your brand. Start by being clear about what your mission is. Next, identify the benefits your company provides. And lastly, incorporate the personality of your business. Pick an adjective that reflects who you are as a business and incorporate it into your mission and benefits. Taglines should be short, concise and again, uniquely you.

3. Website.
Whether you’re a large corporation or small business, you NEED a website. It’s one of the most important marketing tools available. Even if people can’t buy from you online or purchase your service, they’re likely to jump online to research you and your company. It also helps establish your business’s credibility. If you don’t have a website, people tend to believe you’re not really in business or haven't committed to being in business. You want to appear professional, committed, and the ideal choice for your customers.

4. Business Cards & Stationery Items.
Sometimes business owners neglect this marketing tool and assume it’s a thing of the past. Not true! Your business card identifies your company as a real business and is an effective marketing tool. Your business card and stationery establish trust that you are a legitimate business and are professional.  Oftentimes, business cards are the first item a potential client sees. Your logo and the overall branding of your company is often communicated through a 2x3.5-inch card. Make sure it’s professional-looking!

4. Social Media Graphics.
Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter... the list goes on. It is so important to have a Social Media presence. Your photos, videos, thoughts, tips, blog articles, etc. impact customer’s perception of you and your business. It’s important to reach them where they are. You need to brand all of your Social Media pages consistently. When your ideal customer sees you on Facebook, they need to know it’s you. When you Tweet, they need to know it’s you. When you post a photo on Instagram, they need to know it’s you. And the best way to do this is by creating consistency on all platforms. Your profile picture, cover photo, background image, they all need to be branded to support your other marketing materials.

5. Support Materials.
Do you have support materials you use with clients (ie. Sales sheets, Folders, Fact Sheets, Flyers, Powerpoint Presentation Slides, etc.)? If so, they need to be branded as well. When you present to a client or show a Powerpoint, is it clear it’s your branding? You don’t want them to forget you when they leave you or you leave them. Create materials that are specifically branded so that you can continue to create that connection with your ideal customers. Thank you cards and blank cards you can send to clients are a great addition to this list. When sent, they remind clients that you respect them and appreciate their business.

6. Promotional Materials.
If you’re doing an event, offering a promotion, or promoting your brand, your materials MUST be branded. Don’t forget the flyer you bring to a 5k you’re helping as a sponsor. Don’t forget to brand the discount you’re running the month of September. Don’t forget to create a cohesive campaign to support your next speaking engagement. Those items should also be branded so that your ideal customers know it’s you and continue to make a personal connection with who you are and what you do. These include Social Media graphics as well. When promoting your business or event, you definitely want to market online. Social Media graphics are a great way to promote and should be branded accordingly.

Visit my Portfolio to see these priorities in action. Some clients start with a logo and save for the next steps. I love being able to help them establish a unique and strong anchor for their brand. When they’re ready, we work through next steps to ensure they’re properly branded and targeting their ideal customers in a cost-effective and marketing-savvy way. What’s next on your list?

Your logo is the visual representation of who you are and what you do. It lets your ideal customer know that you’re fully invested in your business, that you’re committed to serving them, and that you’re a professional. With all those important things on the line, it’s imperative that your logo look great, be well-designed, and be used consistently throughout all your marketing materials.

Oftentimes, the incredible amount of work it takes to get your business started and to maintain the level of commitment to your customers can be exhausting and overwhelming. And sometimes, you just don’t have the time, energy, or finances to devote to creating a fantastic logo. This is an absolutely imperative part of the creation of your business. Having a perfect logo designed by a professional is one of the most important aspects of marking your presence in your respective market. The ultimate aim of your logo is to present your business in a positive, professional and memorable manner and impart in your ideal customer’s mind an image of stability and reliability.

I take Branding VERY seriously and creating perfect logos for each of my clients is the foundation of those branding efforts. It’s my first step in the visual picture of every client’s journey. It’s necessary for all stationery, including business cards and letterhead. It’s necessary for all websites and social media graphics. It’s necessary for signage, packaging, advertising, and any promotional graphics. It’s the core of a company’s brand. Therefore, logos are not to be taken lightly.

The logo I recently designed for Kimberly Kate is a perfect example of the importance this piece is in branding. Kimberly is a health coach committed to helping others by teaching them to make healthy food, lifestyle, and spiritual changes. She has an approach that focuses on clean eating, perseverance, and support and her logo was created to reflect that.

Elements of her logo and her unique approach to helping solve her ideal customer’s biggest ache were incorporated in her other marketing efforts such as her website, her Healthy Living Journal, and her Social Media graphics.
A logo is the anchor for a company’s brand identity and the foundation for other visual details. For this reason, I challenge you to evaluate your current logo. Is it unique? Is it relevant to your industry? Does it engage your audience? Take my quiz below to see how your logo stands up. Or download a printable version of this quiz HERE. If you discover that your logo could use some changes or you need a logo that adequately represents your business, click HERE and I can design your perfect logo.