It’s almost Valentine’s Day and through the years, our Valentine’s Day celebrations have gotten smaller and smaller. So small now, in fact, that I try to keep my monumental display of affection for my husband under twenty bucks. I know, that’s pretty cheap, but the season of life we’re in right now doesn’t lend itself to extravagant date nights and exotic gift-giving. 

We know spending time together is important. It strengthens our bond, reminds us what we love about each other, and builds intimacy. But like a lot of other couples, it becomes discouraging when you spend $50 just on a babysitter. That doesn’t leave a lot extra for dinner and a movie, or gas to get there. That’s where the Dollar Date Jar comes in handy. It’s the ideal Valentine’s Day gift idea. 

Last year, I gave my husband a Dollar Date Jar. It was filled with ten Dollar Dates. Each date consisted of 2 rolled up dollar bills and a little date note. He picks a “date” out of the jar and we do whatever the paper says. Sometimes it’s just a milkshake and two straws, other times, we go to the Dollar Store to pick out something “special” for each other. Either way, it’s a time for us to celebrate together, it’s inexpensive, and sometimes, we can even complete them at home.

Of course, we do still have regular date nights, where I do my best at wearing heels, we get a sitter for the kids, and we stay out past 10pm, but the Dollar Date Jar has become something we both look forward to. 

You can start your own Dollar Date Jar using the PDF below. Print it, roll a couple dollar bills up with the “dates” wrapped around them, tie them up with a little ribbon and you have 10 or 20 activities to share with your partner. 

Download the PDF now to start your own Valentine’s Day tradition. Do you have ideas for other Dollar Dates? Please share them in the comment section.

It’s the beginning of the year and time to look at your goals and priorities for your business. For some, this is extremely exciting and something to look forward to. For others, this part is excruciating! The task of marketing your business can be overwhelming and the constant feeling of being overwhelmed can quickly lead to burnout. Here are ten ways that you can prevent burnout or rekindle your passion for your business.

1. Walk in Their Shoes. Take some time to look at your business and marketing from your consumers’ perspective. Think about what matters most to them. Try to inspire.

2. Get out There. Walk away from your desk, your computer and interview your ideal customers. Ask them what they see as benefits to your business, what their goals are, what values they hold most important, and what changes they’d like to see.

3. Connect with your Newest Employees. Feed off their excitement, why they are looking forward to working for you, and being your brand ambassadors. Rekindle that feeling of love for your business and what you do.

4. Ask for Feedback. When you receive positive feedback, it will remind you what works, what makes your consumers happy. When you receive negative feedback, it will show you what changes you need to make, what obstacles you need to overcome, and what things can be optimized.

5. Write it Down. Plan! Take time to set goals, prioritize your projects and work backwards to make those projects successful by marketing them and making them happen.

6. Retreat. Take time to refresh. Get away and spend time looking seriously at your brand, your business and the goals you’ve set for yourself, both personally and professionally.

7. Train and Conference. Take time to re-energize yourself by attending trainings and conferences that will not only make you a better business owner, but will inspire you to WANT to be better.

8. Schedule. Set an ideal schedule for every aspect of your business; Social Media, Internet Marketing, PR, Speaking Events, Conferences, Industry Association opportunities, etc. and stick to it. Create an ideal schedule for your week, incorporating ways to make these things happen.

9. Educate Yourself. Devote time to learning. Watch tutorials, speak to experts, and sign up for business groups that offer educational opportunities.

10. Take a Break. Disconnect. This will allow you time to take time for yourself so you can come back more energized and focused on your plan.

Owning a business is more than just doing what you love or filling a customer’s need. Marketing yourself and your business enables you to reach more of your ideal customers, show them why your business is the best fit for their need, and allows you to be more successful. Follow these tips to prevent marketing burnout! 

How do you conquer marketing in your business? Please share your ideas in the comment section below.